Message from Bajloor Rashid MBE – UKBCCI President

With the referendum now decided I wanted to share my thoughts with members, colleagues and friends.

As I write this, after seven days of momentous events, we must cure the political crisis that exists in the UK. Only then will the government be able to offer clear direction and confidence.

My wish would be for ‘red tape’ to be reduced, perhaps the simplification of the UK’s tax system, and at the same time the ability to continue keeping and attracting big businesses who operate in the UK and encourage the necessary investment. There also needs to be reassurance for workers and greater education and training.

The UKBCCI was formed not just for the purpose of improving trade links between the UK and Bangladesh, but to also generate greater degrees of inward investment from countries around the world. Both the UK and Bangladesh have the capacity to tap into other countries’ growing economies and we at the UKBCCI should strive to play our part in facilitating this.

Turning back to the referendum result, I can only hope that the tide of fear will be overturned by the will of our people. We must stand united against it and overcome any adversity that may lie ahead.

Though there is worry because of the turbulence the vote has had on our political situation, as business people we must stay calm and collected whilst the solution is worked out.
This is is unchartered territory for our nation, so we must play our part in adopting a positive attitude, whatever your voting intentions were.
In life, faced with a personal challenge, do you give up, or do you find hope and a solution? Of course, most people face the challenge and do their best to overcome it. That is what we must do, embrace it and work as a ‘national team’.

What we don’t want to have is an atmosphere of doom and gloom.

One criticism I have of Great Britain though is the negative game some of our newspapers and media play. For too long they have adopted a ‘bad news sells’ mentality, with an avoidance to publicise success and positivity over and above squalid and bad news, the EU Referendum was just another example of this.
We have much to be proud, let’s look at how we portrayed the nation at the London Olympics in 2012. Success was achieved magnificently by a nation who have many shades of colour. Let’s also not forget how patriotic we felt as the opening ceremony showed just how influential this small island has been through the centuries.

The fabric of the people is to face adversity when it is there, overcome it and as a result improve the way we live. So there lies our next challenge.

I have great faith that we will find our course and optimistic that Great Britain can change things for the better, remember we have a history of this!

Bajloor Rashid MBE UKBCCI President
Friday 1st July 2016