The Link Project

The UKBCCI is currently developing a programme that will enhance the way in which businesses can grow, communities can flourish, and individuals can get more out of life.

That’s the difference an internship can make and we want to help to make that happen. In fact, many of the world’s largest multi-national corporations rely on international graduates to compete in the global market.
For some, it’s because they want a chance to shape the future, and drive forward a new era of change. For others, it’s because of the way that we encourage them to get the best out of themselves.

We are a group of NRB’s that are successful in various sectors of the UK and Bangladesh. We not only sell our wholesale products and services in the UK and Bangladesh, but we are looking to impart our knowledge and success for the benefit of the business community by operating an internship and apprenticeship service to the Non-resident Bangladeshi professionals in the UK and vice versa.

What makes our varied apprenticeship programmes unique is that we are open to both under and post-graduates who want to either work in Bangladesh or enter the Bangladesh Market. We will use the knowledge and expertise of technical training and experience to provide them with a great career for the future.

At UKBCCI, we believe that offering both internships and apprenticeships is not only good for the individual but it is good for business. The Centre for Economics and Business estimates that between 2012/2013 and 2021/2022, 3.8 million people in the EU are expected to complete an apprenticeship.
At the moment most of the ‘top jobs’ in Bangladesh are being run by overseas talent. Recruiting from neighbouring countries to fill a huge gap that can, given the right opportunities be offered to a talented NRB. Just as British businesses cannot become world leaders by relying on local talent alone so it is for Bangladesh to now reach out through the UKBCCI to reach an international talent pool that can ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of business and recruit the best people possible to achieve greater success for everyone.

Intern programme
Over 6-12 months, our chosen apprenticeships will get an insight into specific training and development programmes on offer, and benefit from a structured development plan that will enhance the skills they have and help build a host of new ones.
By teaming up with the largest UK and Bangladesh businesses currently operating in Bangladesh, we hope to build a network of employers that will commit to giving 2 students each an internship/apprenticeship opportunity.
Before they start they will receive our on-board training, where they will learn about the company, the business and their role – giving them an understanding of where they will fit in the organisation and the proposed route to progression.

After that, our role is to make sure they have all the skills they need to build a long-term, international career.
Internships, will vary from 2 – 4weeks whilst apprenticeships will range from 6 -12 months.

UKBCCI will :

  • Screen and secure all placements
  • Pre-departure training
  • 1 to1 support
  • Support with practical preparations like health screening, vaccinations, visas etc.
  • All food and accommodation on placement
  • Support from our in-country team, as well as our team in the UK, with someone available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency
  • Cover with comprehensive safety and security procedures in case of emergencies
  • Training on arrival covering an introduction to the country, culture, language and specific skills needed for your work