Terrorist Attack at London Bridge – Saturday 3rd June

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we all had to learn of yet another terrorist attack in our country. Seven innocent lives were lost in the attack on London Bridge and 48 people injured on the night of Saturday 3rd June.

The UKBCCI deeply regrets this utterly depraved, mindless and abhorrent attack, both on people going about their daily lives and our democracy, coming in the wake as it does of the recent Manchester attack. We will not abide by this and nor will we ever let the acts of a few extremists ruin the lives of the many in our great country. Such extremism has no place in our society and not should it be tolerated in any society.

We are deeply sorry for the loss of life and those still suffering and our thoughts are with their families and loved ones. London and the UK stands firm and defiant.